About Us
Creating a Service where there was none 
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When Valentino Ferreira created The Martini Shop 7 years ago the concept of bringing handcrafted cocktails was unheard of.  The average bar service existed in a world of rum and cokes and Long Island ice teas.   Taking his experience coming from one the top Martini Bars in New York City under the tutelage of the Rainbow Rooms Dale DeGroff.   He was at the forefront of bringing the craft cocktail to Los Angeles. Today the craft cocktail movement has exploded in Los Angeles and what was once the exception has now quickly become the rule.   
  • With 20 years experience in the Bar Business 
  • A master mixologist 
  • Covering all of Southern California
  • We specialize in Mixology Catering services 
  • Bartender Staffing 
  • Mixology Workshops
  • Excellent Customer Service